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Friday, July 29, 2011

What if she had no mommy?

Baby Sis is 20 weeks today!

The other day, I was changing Baby Sis's diaper and making her laugh and I actually thought out loud, "What if you had no mommy?  Who would play with you and make you laugh?" 

What if???

Let me tell you a little about my sweet on her 20th week birthday.  

She is a momma's girl.

She smiles at just about anyone who makes eye contact and she melts everyone's heart that stops to talk to her.

I think her favorite place is W*lmart because there are so many people there and they all want to stop and soak in some of the smiles.

She hardly ever cries (don't hate me, just read on).   I mean, she sends out a little fuss when the diaper is dirty and no one tends to it fast enough and she puts up a good attempt at the mad cry when she wakes up from a nap if her momma doesn't nurse her fast enough, but she really never cries (except for the last 5 minutes of the car ride home from church on a Wednesday night...an hour after her bed time).
 *Disclaimer : she either does not cry because third baby's are perfect gems send from heaven, or her mother spoils her rotten, because she is the third...or a little of both.

So, what would this little gem's life look like if she were an orphan?

Would she smile at the drop of a hat?

Would her eyes twinkle when the little old lady stopped by to chat with her?

Would she cry more?

Would she be rolling over or grabbing her feet?

What would her life look like?

And with all those thoughts, I wondered about my other girls, what would their lives look like....

it almost made me sick....

How can we not adopt?

How can anyone not consider adopting?

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