"If I were to ask God why He lets poverty and injustice exist, why there are so many orphans and why He does nothing about it, I am SURE He would ask me the same ..."

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My name is Jessica and my dear sweet hubby is Kelly. We have three beautiful girls, big sis and little sis plus our newest little baby sis :) Welcome to our site where we will blog about our journey to grow our family through adoption in Africa.

Friday, December 30, 2011


So, after a 2 and a half month wait for our fingerprint appointment, we finally got the go ahead! Go figure, it was scheduled for the busiest month of the year and the busiest week of this month. We took all three girls with us and left bright and early on Monday morning. Our appointment was for the office in Charleston, so I thought it would be fun for us all to go and then to do something fun while we were there. I really wanted to go see some historical sites since it goes right along with our history this year, but the weather was cold and rainy, yuk!

So, we made it to the USCIS at right about 11:30am, we were barely there for 15 minutes, in and out and fingerprinted. The girls were very well behaived, but they were a little disappointed that they couldn't actually watch us be fingerprinted.
No cameras allowed inside, but we snagged a picture in the regular building area.

So after a long car ride where mom made them do school work, we headed to the SC Aquarium for an afternoon of fun.  We got to see a sea turtle (the highlight for mom!)

 And the kids got to see Scuba Clause, so cool!  Later, he even had some elf helpers join him....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

From the Cote Family!  We are so blessed and thankful to our Saviour today for humbling Himself, leaving His throne and joining us her on earth as a baby, of all things!  

Christmas Card 2011

Click above to see our Christmas video!

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