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Friday, July 8, 2011

Need a good laugh?

Well, here you have it...

Today, I cleaned my tush off, then I cleaned some more, and then made the kids help me clean for the "adoption lady".

Then about 3, Baby Sis woke up, I fed her, changed her and asked Little Sis to "babysit" while I showered for the homevisit in about 2 hours.

Turned on the water, got in, started washing my hair

and Little Sis runs into the bathroom and says,

"She's here!"

I answered...

"Who's here?!!!" (though, deep down inside I already knew)

Little Sis, "The adoption lady!"

Yes, she had come 2 solid hours early, and arrived precisely as I was shampooing my hair!!!

So, knowing one dog would attack (okay, maybe not really, but she would scare the you know what out of her) and one would jump on and possibly knock her over.....I said what any mother would say,

"DON"T answer the door!!!"

And I franticly rinsed my hair, jumped out of the shower, wrapped the towel around my head and put a robe on, calmly proceeded to answer the door....

We both had a good laugh at her miscalculation of the time and I was secretly happy that she had stopped at DQ and said if she hadn't, she would have been even earlier. (I would have been sweaty, dirty, in my cleaning clothes with no bra on, ahem...)

So, if she was looking to surprise me, she did, though yesterday might have been worse (because the house wouldn't have been clean)....

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