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Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow days in the South

We don't normally get snow here in the South. When there is a remote possibility, several things happen. First, the kids go nuts (and usually the hubby),
second....the locals go a little nuts at the grocery store. They stock up on things like milk and bread.....for some reason, they think that if they are stranded in a blizzard, milk and bread will make it all better :)
 Lastly, everything, and I mean everything gets canceled, I'm talking doctor appointments, schools,......even the local Army post.  Everything closes.  And this is what happens for just the prediction of snow. That is before a single flurry has been spotted :)

Now, I understand all about the South not having the equipment to handle the roads and this time it was pretty serious.  We had 2-3 inches of really wet snow and then we had sleet and freezing rain on top of it.  Not good for the roads.  On top of that, it warmed up enough on Monday to start to melt everything and then we had freezing temps during the night.  Ice.....everywhere.  I guess my biggest thing is why all the fuss before there is any snow?  It worked out to be true this time, but we've had times before where school was canceled and the crazy weather went right around us, lol!  Simply silly :)  When I was in school, part of the fun of snow days was waking up early and seeing all the snow and then listening to the radio until you heard your school called.....and then going back to bed.....

We made the most of it though.  The kids had a blast on Monday out in the snow.  There was no way they would be making a snowman or igloo like last year, but they are quite happy just marching around in it and throwing it at each other.

The dogs are another one that absolutely love the snow.  On the rare occasion that it snows, the pups get the extra treat of coming out front with us outside of their fence.  Something about the snow makes them a little crazy and they run and chase each other.  Plus, out front there is a wider range for chasing squirrels :)

Nothing brings on the giggles like trowing snow at her favorite target (Daddy) and then running away.

The kids went out 3 different times on Monday, the ice was a little trickier and they had to be careful walking on the sidewalks and road.  We only had one tumble, no blood just a little bit of raw knee!  We heard many of our friends had just as much fun in this snow storm because they went sledding.  The ice made for great sledding, but unfortunately we don't have hardly any hills in the neighborhood.  The kids did finally try out the boogie boards on a small hill across the street.  No pictures since this pregnant momma was not venturing off of the front porch with all that ice!  I saw on another blog that a family took apart their wheel barrel to make a sled, we are defiantly going to try that one next time! (Hey, we gotta make do with what we can around here....if we could even buy sleds around here, they would get lost or broken before the next snow).

This pup was in heaven.  He has the perfect hair for this weather.  It's pretty warm and thick, but when it was sleeting, it didn't really stick to him like our other dog.  She has some thick, chow hair and the snow or ice just clings to her.

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