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Thursday, April 15, 2010


This week I have been following the awful story of the mother who sent her adoptive son back to Russia. How sad that international adoption is in the news with this bad light. The woman was probably lied to at the orphanage, the little boy did probably have a very rough time at the orphanage, the mom did handle the situation very badly.

Unfortunately, the focus will be the woman's unthinkable actions, the focus will not be the life that the boy had in Russia that led up to this, the focus will not be that she was lied to. I do not condone her actions, but I wish that some light could be shed on the deplorable conditions that these children live in. It's sad to me that people who might have been on the fence will now be afraid to adopt an older child.....a child that NEEDS a home too, a child that is already hard to adopt out anyways because most families would like a cute and cuddly baby.

Now, Russia has suspended adoptions to the US until they can work things out, you can read the news report here.

Please join me in praying for all the families that are right this very moment in the process of adopting their child from Russia, maybe they just sent their dossier last week, or maybe they were set to travel to meet their child later this month; either way, they are in limbo with much uncertainty. I pray God will give them the peace to know that He is in control....even in Russia.

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