"If I were to ask God why He lets poverty and injustice exist, why there are so many orphans and why He does nothing about it, I am SURE He would ask me the same ..."

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My name is Jessica and my dear sweet hubby is Kelly. We have three beautiful girls, big sis and little sis plus our newest little baby sis :) Welcome to our site where we will blog about our journey to grow our family through adoption in Africa.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why are you still adopting?


Since we have been gearing up for the picture fundraiser, our first big adoption thing since we got pregnant, this seems to be the questions some people have.

My first answer I guess would be, you haven't read this post, maybe you should go back and check it out.

The second thing I would say.....why would we stop now?! Truthfully, all I can think about when we talk about the next house, we NEED more bedrooms so I can fill them with children.

And not just children from my womb, but children from my heart.

You see, as I pointed out in my Plan B post, even though we have not seen these children, these orphans face to face, we have had an imprinting done on our hearts. We are different people, we can't go back to the way we used to be.

So....yes.....we are pregnant.......

yes......we will probably get pregnant again ;)

and yes......we are STILL adopting.........

yes......we may adopt after THAT! ;)

Right now, I am trusting God to bless us with the amount of children that He has in store for us (no, we are not Duggar material!)

And we are also trusting God to bless us with as many adoptive children as He has in store for us.

It seems like there may be more I'd like to say, I am a tad bit frustrated at this attitude, a little angry at the lack of understanding and compassion for the orphan, but I will move on with my life and let people watch our choices pan out, I will let God work on their hearts, because if it were up to me, it might not go so well ;)


Jennifer said...

Jessica, for what it's worth, I don't understand the question either. I mean, why wouldn't you still adopt?! I'm looking forward to seeing your growing family. Any baby would be lucky to have you and Kelly for parents and your wonderful girls for big sisters.

Jim and April said...

thanks for sharing your heart. I think its wonderful that you guys are so open to however God wants to bring you children! We had someone say to us a week or two ago, "why would you adopt internationally next, why not just adopt domestically again since you already did it that way"...and said some other things that well...just revealed that persons heart to us...it breaks my heart to see SO many people including MANY of God's children...give a blind eye to orphans.

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