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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A sad note on a normally happy day

So, this post has nothing to do with our adoption, but the thought came to me this morning during church that I really wanted to write this. It's a very sad post on a happy day for me. Mother's Day...I am so blessed to have my sweet girls and to have a loving and caring mother myself.

As I listen to Big Sis play Super Mario Brothers and Little Sis wondering out loud when lunch will be, my thoughts are with a young family that just lost their mother 2 days ago from cancer, cancer that they just found she had 2 weeks ago. This mom leaves behind and husband and two young daughters, both under 3.

My heart breaks for them. And my heart breaks for their small church.

You see, I didn't know this family, but they attend our old church in WA. And this small church has endured it's share of sorrow over the past couple of years.............

A dad was killed in action in Iraq, he left behind a sweet family, a wife, and 2 girls, the same age as mine...........

The pastor's wife had a long battle with cancer until God healed her perfectly in glory. She left behind a husband and 2 girls, both about a year older than my girls. Their mother was a delight for me to know and a huge encouragement to me that last year we lived in WA.

My heart breaks that we live in such a broken world with sin, that war and disease would take away life of such sweet souls.

My heart breaks that on Mother's Day, these wonderful people that we called our church family are hurting today and burying another mother. I pray that they can have comfort in this song that we sang today in church. I can't wait for the days of no weeping, no hurt or pain.......

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