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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Born in Germany

That's me! Always thought it was cool to have a different birthplace than other people.

Until this week!

In order to have a current, certified report of my birth (abroad), I had to send a notarized, written request to the US State Department.......with a payment of $50......and they "recommend" sending it FedX......and paying for the FedX back.......since regular mail is so slow in DC......

So, it's off. And might I add I feel like an adult....I know, I have been one for awhile, but there's something about sending and receiving FedX that makes me feel grown-up. You know, motherhood doesn't require all that "business" stuff like a career would. ;)

So, hopefully in a couple weeks I will have a little piece of paper stating that I was, in fact....born. (You would think they would take my mother's word for it!)

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