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Friday, May 13, 2011

Still Sitting on the Waiting Train

Well, yes, we are still waiting and waiting.  It's funny, because on one hand I would love for little miss to stay exactly the same.  She is so precious of a baby, I can't get enough of holding her and taking care of her.  One the other hand, I love that she is growing and thriving, yesterday she squealed at me for the first time, music to my ears.  The icing on the cake.... the more she grows, the closer we get to 6 moths old!

That's right, 6 moths is the magic number that we can officially re-enter the Ethiopia program.

Today for a fleeting moment I thought we might squeeze in early.  There have been new developments in Ethiopia, since the 5 letter a day announcement, they have not been going by that, but putting out quite a few more than 5 letters a day.....until this week.  The 5 letter a day has started.  So, there was some rumors and speculation that the pregnancy policies might change since wait times could extend into the years instead of months :-(  So, I decided to call out agency and see what was up.  Right now, they are not sure if the 5 letter a day will continue or just be temporary to save face....if it does continue, they may change policies, but probably not soon enough to affect us.

So, we wait....September 11th, a day to remember for our country....but a new date in my mind of hope.  My sweet girl will be 6 months old and we can officially get this party started....again...2 months down, 4 to go.

Please be in prayer for the country of Ethiopia, this is a great program where orphans are being rescued and given forever families.  It will hurt the children most of all if this program slows down this much.  I don't want our son to wait any longer than humanly possible to come home.

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