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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Blessing for Alyssa

             So today something happened to me, well, really Alyssa, that has never happened before.  Something so sweet that I wanted to put it into words so that I will not forget.

Today, our second Sunday at church with our sweet baby, a precious lady, one of the elders' wives asked if she could say a blessing over Alyssa while she held her.  Oh my, how sweet.  You see, I come from a church background of people who pray, but not overtly so, people who pray, but not really "lay hands" on others, people who pray at the right "times" but maybe their prayer lives could grow some more.  That's what I come from.

Where I am right now is somewhere different.  People that I know (and I am growing to be like them) pray right then and there when you ask for prayers, they lay hands on the person they are praying for, and as I found out today, pray blessings over children.

It was so tender to listen this wise woman of God ask Him to bless my baby girl.  To speak life over her, asking God that she would have a tender spirit that would hear the voice of God.  That she would follow in His ways and never stray from them.  She prayed for the man that God has planned for Alyssa.  She prayed and she blessed, I can't even tell you what else for because it was loud and I didn't hear it all and some of the things I did hear are lost to me because I was so emotionally overwhelmed.  That's okay, God heard them and I am confident that He hears the prayers of a righteous man (or woman) James 5:16.

And me, I am etching that picture and knowledge that this woman held my Alyssa and prayed over her, she gave her a blessing...

Let it be so God, let it be so.

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