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Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Excited, but Waiting

Let me just tell you how excited I am.  One family just came home with their precious little girl from China and 2 other families just arrived in China this weekend!  They both have their Gotcha Day tonight!!!  I am bursting with joy for these families.  If you have a minute, hop over to their blogs and say a prayer for them.  One family is traveling with their 2 small children and the time change is proving to be hard.  I am faithful that God will give them the strength they need.

The Bullington Board

Brown-Eyed Digsby

As for me, well....these precious families, one who has been a wonderful source of information for me on Ethiopia and a cheerleader for our adoption....the other...a cheerleader for us from the start, her family started their adoption just 3 months before us, I am so happy for them, truly....but my heart waits.

If you look up at our counter, we have been waiting since we said YES, for 11 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days.

And still....we wait.

It really makes me realize where we SHOULD be in our adoption....

We SHOULD be waiting for "THE CALL"

We SHOULD be checking our phones every day waiting to here from our agency.

Instead, we wait.

In God's time....it would be so easy for me to encourage someone else in my shoes.

It would be so easy to say to another mom..."God has the child hand-picked for you and he's not ready for you to bring him home"

But for myself....the waiting is torture.

The waiting makes me sad.

The waiting makes me mad.

The waiting makes me anxious.

I am struggling to bring this to God.  Maybe that's because I have a feeling I know what He will say.....


Be Patient

Rest in Me

I am terrible at waiting.  I mean, really bad at it.

I thought I was doing pretty good lately...you know I've had a lot on my plate ;-) like the impending birth of a little sweet girl, and then the said sweet girl to take care of.  But I am getting out of the sleep deprived haze, and my sweet friends are in China, hours from meeting their babies, and I regress.

So, I will obsessively check my friends' blogs, waiting for sweet pictures and then cry my eyes out...happy and sad tears at the same time.  I will love on their little girls when they get here and I will wait.  I wish you could hear me say it, it's like a bad word in my vocabulary.

Surely God is trying to teach me something in the waiting....I would have maybe preferred a different life lesson.

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