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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homebirth vs. the OB

So yesterday we had a wonderful appointment to check on mine and baby's health.  In case you didn't already know, we are planning our very first homebirth.  It will be attended by a very experienced midwife and we will have an emergency plan.  It's been eye opening the things that people are concerned about.  I have to just laugh most of the time and try my best to explain.  We are not being reckless, my midwife is certified with the state and would not want me to birth at home if there were any circumstances that were not normal and healthy.  She carries oxygen and blot clotting meds for emergencies and we know from Little Sis's birth that my body knows how and can do this naturally ;)  (we'll see if it all comes back after 6 years! AHH!)

So, for the state requirements, I needed to go have a check at 35 weeks, have some blood work done and get a good bill of health for mom and baby.  What I didn't need was the guilt trip that I got from the OB. Should have known it was coming....since at the beginning of my pregnancy, she made it clear that she didn't recommend a homebirth and my midwife has told me that my area is very anti-homebirth.

So, my OB tried her hardest, with her concerned look of disapprovement as she shook her head and said that she "hoped" that nothing went wrong.  Well, thanks for your vote of confidence.......

but she couldn't disappoint me too much.  I was on cloud nine for a couple reasons.  We had an ultrasound....totally cool this late in the pregnancy.   I don't think I've ever had one this late and it was awesome to see little baby's face.  We could really make out her features such as her lips and chin and cheeks.  (She's a cutie!)  And the tech told us that she has a head full of hair...like lots of hair!  Fun!  Some of the best news that we got was that the placenta was well away from the cervix which had been a small concern since a couple weeks ago I was told that it was pretty low.

So, despite my OB's well placed concerns we are headed for D-Day at home.  We are treating this like the natural thing that it is, but fully aware that it may turn into a "medical" thing. That's fine, we have a plan and I am resting in God.  And when baby and I are done with the big event, I will crawl into my own bed with her and have a nice relaxing nap, I won't have to listen to hospital sounds, she won't be wisked away for testing or a bath, it can all be done right there.

Let's get this party started, mom is ready!

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